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How do I check the blades on and clean under my mower?

To check blades or clean under your mower you should always tip the mower backwards. This stops the oil from running into the air filter and carby of the engine.

How often should I get my outdoor power equipment serviced?
You should get your equipment serviced at least once a year, more often in dusty conditions, 30 hours or as per owners manual.
What type of fuel should I use?
Fuel should be fresh, clean unleaded (91 ron) petrol.  4-Stroke should be straight unleaded, 2-Stroke should be mixed at 25:1  -200mls of 2-Stroke Oil to 5 Litres of Unleaded Petrol.  Diesel should be clean fresh Diesel.
Can I still buy parts for my old Deutscher Mower?

There are no parts available for D26, F26, G26, Z22 parts are no longer available.

R280-360 models have very limited stock levels.

Where are you located?
We are located in 731 Creswick Road, Ballarat.  Between the North Ballarat Sports Club and Norman Street heading North.
Is there room to bring my mower in on a trailer?
Yes.  We have an off street parking area which is large enough to drive in and out with a trailer and no need for reversing.
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